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The most fast growing pasta market in the world is Gluten Free pasta.
For using Gluten free products like Corn, Rice, Brown Rice, Potato, Cassava, Soy, pulses ...etc.. in pasta production you need some special equipment that can process this materials. As Hemaks we have developed this technology with the help of experience more then 40 years.


There is three reason of this fast growing in Gluten free pasta market;


1-The persons that have intolerance to Gluten also wants to eat easy and delicious food, so they demand Gluten Free pasta.
2-The persons that wants to reduce sugar in their life but do not want to forgive pasta habit they demand pasta from soy and pulses. With the pasta from soy and pulse they are getting less sugar and they are getting high protein and fibers with a delicious and easy way.
3-As we know the raw material of traditional pasta is Drum wheat and of course this is not a product that can grow in every country so the alternative way to make the pasta with the raw material that you have in your own country is to produce the Gluten Free Pasta.


Gluten free pasta is an alternative pasta product which gives us different pasta taste experience and more delicious alternatives that we can test with different raw materials.
Hemaks Gluten free lines are the best solution to produce Gluten Free pasta and to catch this fast growing market.

HMX 400 Technical Details

Capacity: 400 Kg/h
Installed Motor Power: 65 Kw
Absorbed Electric Power: 40 Kw/h
Installed Power For Dryer: 150.000 Kcal
Absorbed Power For Dryer: 110.000 Kcal/h
Cooled Water (at 12-15ºC): 20.000 Kcal/h
Circular Die's Diameter: 350 mm
Length: 18 meter
Height: 6,5 meter
Width: 4 meter


HMX 600 Technical Details

Capacity: 600 Kg/h
Installed Motor Power: 80 Kw
Absorbed Electric Power: 52 Kw/h
Installed Power For Dryer: 220.000 Kcal
Absorbed Power For Dryer: 160.000 Kcal/h
Cooled Water (at 12-15ºC): 27.000 Kcal/h
Circular Die's Diameter: 400 mm
Length: 22 meter
Height: 6,5 meter
Width: 4 meter


HMX 300 Technical Details

Capacity: 300 Kg/Hour
Installed Motor Power: 55 KW
Absorbed Electric Power: 30 KW
Installed Power For Dryer :105.000 Kcal/Hour
Absorbed Power For Dryer: 90.000 Kcal/Hour
Cooled Water : 18.000 Kcal/Hour
Circular Die's Diameter: 270 mm için dönüşüm kodu